Three Benefits Of Using A Weed Grinder

Weed Grinders are devices that help in the grinding of pot just like the name suggests. They are made using wood plastic, steel, aluminum and sometimes an alloy of steel and other materials to offer some particular features like durability. The continuous rotating action caused by electric motors that use battery or electricity is what makes the grinders efficient. They have specific cutting razor sharp blades that do not dull or require replacement. Additionally, they come in different sizes, colors, and prices.

You have probably noticed them at your neighborhood pot shop. If you have never tried using a weed grinder before, you won’t see the point of purchasing one. So, why is it beneficial to use a pot grinder?

The following are the primary benefits of using a marijuana grinder.

Save money and time

Perhaps, this is the most obvious benefit. Breaking up right pot requires lots of time. Even if you decide to use scissors you are going to be at it a while. A weed grinder reduces the time that you use to break up the smooth pot from half to a quarter of the time it takes to do the job manually. Using a grinder can also increase the strength and efficiency meaning you will only need to smoke less pot for the same impact.


Moreover, if you are smoking your pot, a weed grinder will help you ingest less smoke weed to get the same effect. When you break up buds with your bare hands, you transfer the sticky has to your fingers and whatever surface you are using. With a grinder, you don’t have to worry about that because a grinder avoids most of the touching. Also, a mill makes weed much easier to burn when using a bong because it maximizes the surface area.

Makes rolling much easier

Joint rolling is an art that can only be advanced by having the proper tools at your disposal. A grinder is one of those tools. If you have ever tried rolling buds broken with the bare hand, you must have noticed that it is quite challenging. On the flip side, the weed that is direct from a grinder is much easier to roll because it is uniform compared to grass broken by bare hands or using scissors.

Most grinders come with a Kief Catcher

hgdhgd74High-quality grinders have three or four pieces and a kief catcher. In simple terms, a kief catcher is a tray that just collects the trichomes, also known as the resin glands of crystals used in the making of hash. The trichomes are very potent. After working your grinder for several weeks, you will have gathered sufficient kief that you can collect and smoke directly for an intense high or sprinkle on your meals. High-end grinders come with pollen presses that are used to make the hash at home.

Regularly clean your grinder to increase its lifespan. We are talking about thorough cleaning using special cleaning tools that are available at your local marijuana shop. Additionally, just grind marijuana with it and not rocks, other plants just to mention a few. You canĀ click here to know more about weed grinders.…